Maryland Campaign of 1862 Book Jacket

Battle of South Mountain: Crampton's Gap, September 14, 1862, evening map

The Maryland Campaign of September 1862, Vol. 1

By Ezra Carman. Edited by Dr. Thomas Clemens

This series of maps was created to augment the perviously unpublished manuscript written over 100 years ago by historian and Civil War veteran Ezra Carman. After the war, Carman spent the remainder of his life tracking down participants in the campaign to document their experiences. Although Carman had prepared several maps for eventual publication, his maps did not work at the size required for Dr. Clemen's edited version of the book and could not be reproduced clearly in black and white. For this project, I created twenty-two original maps based on my research and augmented by the research of Dr. Clemens and Steven Stotelmyer. To see all the maps, click here.

Battle of South Mountain: Crampton,s Gap, September 14, 1862, evening map